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There are two types of data

Structured and unstructured

Structured data

Looks like this

And this

Unstructured data looks like this

It can also look like this

Unstructured data continued

Basically, unstructured data is a word, sentence, paragraph – something where the data does not fit an explicitly defined value

How to deal with unstructured data?

DocumentCloud will automatically pull all of the text out of your PDF’s and provides basic analysis tools.

Back to structured data

All of us have structured data

Tools for structured data

There are a lot of tools for structured data that help to analyze and visualize it:

MS Access

MS Excel

Google Refine

Google Fusion Tables


But there are limitations

Keeping your data organized is a challenge

Ever spent a couple of hours looking for that one spreadsheet?

Sharing your data with colleagues is a huge pain, making it harder to collaborate

Searching for specific terms in the data is nearly impossible

So what’s the problem?

We can’t easily share data around the newsroom (much less with PN)

We can’t easily search the data that we have sitting on our computers

We have no way to effectivly store or display large datasets

What is PANDA?

PANDA is a newsroom data appliance. It provides a place for you to store data, search it and share it with the rest of the newsroom.

What is PANDA?

PANDA is not:
How does PANDA help me?
Time for a demonstration